We are a crew of artists who rely on each others, working alone or together in order to improve and discover new paths. Our idea of art is focused on the fact that creativity is something you have deep inside and you look for a way to project it outwards. This is to say technique is not so important, but feeling. Ours is a non commercial idea: our work itself is our profit, this is the reason why we produce it. But we don't follow the art mainstream dictations.

Our main activity is publishing an on-line magazine where we present the works recently developed. We also hold open workshops where we meet, learn, discuss and enjoy. Because art is a way of being, of getting pleasure from what you do. Then visitors can appreciate it.

Regular language we use for our communications and for the magazine is Spanish, however now we've decided to make an effort to translate this brief summary page to some other languages. Therefore more people will have the chance to get a glimpse of what we are involved.

As we mentioned above, our feeling on art is global. Thus we don't usually split into different disciplines. But, let's do it once: you can click on the pics around the text to find some of our pieces. We also have stuff regarding literature (short tales, theatre plays, poetry and so on), editorials, discussions, presentations, short films concerning different topics, etc. But no translations are availaible up to now.

We hope you'll enjoy the material included here. If you feel you need more or you'd like us to create something for you, don't hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure getting news from abroad, any comments just post them. Moreover, joining desgarrarte is as easy as diggin' our project and writing an email. ¡Go ahead!